cievents launches brand revamp in 2017

cievents has launched a major brand development, which not only comes with a snazzy new look for the company, but also a revamp of its culture, clients and creative approach.

Kicking off internally in December 2016, the refresh is the latest in a series of brand updates which have taken place since its formation 16 years ago, and we’ve been told it won’t be the last as the company keeps doing the cocoon-butterfly thing for many years to come.

The brand refresh falls in line with the company ethos of driving creativity by introducing key features including new colours and language styles, a brand new and exciting website, and a renewed focus on the people within cievents.

Natalie Simmons, (pictured above) global general manager, cievents, explained, “After showing significant growth over the past two years, expanding not only geographically but also in the services offered to our customers, cievents recognised the need to undergo a brand refresh to remain relevant within the market and continue to add value to customers.

“The cievents team are the driving force behind all events brought to life, and so an important opportunity to showcase and celebrate these varying talents was recognised.

“The newly designed website provides an insight into the world of cievents both locally and globally, shining a spotlight on its employees across the varying business areas.

“The brand will still very much represent all that we are known for but with a much larger focus on the people at the heart of cievents. We wanted to bring more of their amazing stories to life so our clients and partners can connect and extend their relationships, so you will be hearing a lot more from our people directly and what inspires them.

“They are after all, the people who create experiences every day that engage and inspire for our valued customer base.”