Hotel Review: Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi

Lauren Croft

After an overnight flight and an all-day itinerary, all you want is to relax and unwind – and the Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi delivers just that, and more.

As soon as we arrived at the hotel we were greeted by a few staff, who took our bags and provided us with refreshments.

They let us know there was going to be an opera performance that night and showed us where we could search for dinner and what time before showing us to our luxe rooms.

Rooms: 9/10


These rooms are beautiful; with a huge king size bed with feather-soft pillows and a small lounge area all to yourself.

Look out the window and you’ll see lush mountain greenery; the perfect view for relaxation.

The bathroom is divine – and includes a square hot spring bath for you to fill at your leisure, plus designer shampoo and conditioner.

The mini bar is also complimentary, so you can even snack on some Pocky in the bath.

Facilities: 8/10


The most notable facilities here would be the pool and spa area – both with expansive views of the distant city, which twinkles at night.

Outside, there’s a range of infinity pools and outdoor spas, which are irresistible even in the rain.

But for a truly traditional experience, opt for the traditional Japanese hot spring baths, where only those brave enough to ditch the swimmers can enter the baths – one for males and one for females.

There’s also an 18-hole golf course for more active travellers.

Location: 7/10


If you want a relaxing retreat, this place is for you.

There is little around the hotel except mountains, making it perfect to completely unwind and spend all day in the pools and hot springs.

And whilst there isn’t a lot to do around the hotel, it’s less than a half hour drive to Yilan City or Tangwei Springs Park.

Entertainment: 7/10


This hotel has a nightly opera performance, with talented singers putting on a humorous show.

There’s also the aforementioned Royal Sky Park Golf Course, which is for amatuer and professional players alike.

Overall: 8/10

At Hotel Royal Royal Chiao Hsi everything is taken care of for you – from the mini bar, to the buffet restaurant, to the spa.

It’s the perfect place to unwind.