Hotel slammed after staff make creepy effigy of guest’s dead son

A Jamaican resort has refunded a couple after staff created a terrifying effigy of their dead son.


Karen Baker, a friend of the couple, had requested workers at the resort to decorate Fay and Andrew Stephens room as part of an annual tradition of celebrating their deceased son’s birthday.

But the result left her “swearing and shaking”.

Upon inspecting the room before her friends arrived, Baker was met with the sight of a body made from clothing and towels laying on the hotel bed, according to the BBC.


TUI UK refunded the family and has apologised for the experience.

“We’re following up with the hotel and believe it was a misunderstanding with no intention to cause upset.” a spokesperson said.

Just in case the effigy wasn’t already creepy enough, it also featured tears on its face and a can of lager in its hand.

“I was absolutely horrified – as you can imagine I was sweating and shaking. We just didn’t want our friends to see it,” Baker told the BBC.

“I have truly never seen anything like it. I still look at the photographs now and can’t believe somebody thought to do that.”