ICC Sydney CEO Geoff Donaghy talks 2019 trends

For the very first big interview of 2019, we grabbed ICC Sydney CEO Geoff Donaghy (pictured below) for a stroll around Sydney. Just kidding – we emailed him from an air-conditioned room.

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  1. What has ICC Sydney learned from its first two years in operations?

Even with a magnificent new venue and a world unique harbourside location, it is still ultimately the people that make the difference and provide memorable experiences for clients and delegates.

  1. What does it plan to improve upon in 2019?

2019 will see us build upon our strong connections with the community and see our Client Legacy Program grow from strength to strength.

We will continue work with our clients hand-in-hand and deliver successful events and memorable experiences for all of our guests.

  1. How does ICC Sydney help to support the states visitor economy?

During our first year of operation, ICC Sydney delivered $785 million in delegate expenditure to the state economy, and we expect to deliver the same in 2018.

ICC Sydney’s commitment to supporting the NSW economy extends beyond the city’s boundaries and into the regions.

Our Feeding Your Performance philosophy and NSW-focused supply chain supports local farmers by putting fresh and seasonal produce on the plates for our delegates.

More than 83 per cent of the wines that form our collection are from our home state and in 2017, we delivered $8.3 million to the state through food and wine purchases.

  1. What are your 2019 trend predictions for the meetings, conferences and events space?

I believe the industry will continue to focus on the ‘beyond tourism’ concept and philosophy.

The contribution that business events bring to the knowledge economy and the lasting legacy that they can leave behind in the host city is being embraced and implemented by clients, venues and host cities.

The rapid development of technology is exponential and in our industry, it is particularly important to understand innovations that are relevant and meaningful to clients.

  1. Does ICC Sydney have any plans to expand upon its socio-economic benefit programs or efforts to promote sustainability in the industry?

Through our Client Legacy Program, we will continue to promote event sustainability – social, environmental and financial – and opportunities for leaving a lasting legacy that meets the focus of our clients.

Our five focused streams, Innovators and Entrepreneurs, Generation Next, First Australians, Sustainable Events and Creative Industries, provide our clients with options to create authentic event experiences while delivering a positive impact within a Sydney context.