Jetstar introduces Facebook Messenger chatbot

Do you ever find yourself getting sick of face-to-face human contact?


Yeah, so do we.

Luckily, Jetstar has launched a new virtual assistant chatbot on Facebook who/which (we’re not really sure how to address it) will offer another point of contact for consuemrs to engage with.

The bot, named Jess, is powered by AI-driven virtual assistant, Nuance Nina, Jess is now capable of providing real-time conversations on Facebook Messenger to resolve customer queries across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

As the first airline in Asia Pacific to extend the same AI-powered virtual assistant from web to Facebook Messenger, Jetstar is providing a contemporary digital experience for its highly mobile customer base.

Jess is now able to assist Jetstar’s Facebook fans quickly and conveniently through retrieving customer bookings, resending itineraries and adding baggage to bookings, amongst a range of other ‘smart’ features.

Through Facebook Messenger, Jess is already showcasing results by achieving an impressive 73 per cent first-contact resolution (resolving the consumer’s query through the chat session) when inbound traffic quadrupled during the recent volcanic activity of Mount Agung in Bali.

“We’re excited to extend Jetstar’s virtual assistant, Jess, to Facebook Messenger in partnership with Nuance. We have been testing Jess on Facebook since November 2017 and have been overwhelmed with the response.

“Jess has lowered response time from up to 17 hours to zero minutes and has already assisted thousands of customers with their enquiries,” said Liz McCarthy, Head of Customer Care, Jetstar.

“Jetstar’s deployment on Facebook Messenger is setting a new standard, allowing customers to engage with the brand the same way they would their friends.

“Through Nuance’s natural language understanding, conversational dialogue and advanced resolution techniques, Jetstar customers can converse in real time, everyday language whenever and wherever they are and receive immediate and accurate responses,” said Robert Schwarz, managing director for Nuance Enterprise, Australia and New Zealand.

With increasing expectations for personalised and targeted interactions, Jetstar’s expansion of its virtual assistant offering to Facebook reflects consumer demands to reach brands through their preferred online channels.

Jess on Facebook Messenger is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language understanding to deliver an accurate, contextual, and conversational dialogue, providing consumers with answers in real-time in the same way it powers the virtual assistant on the web.

Today, Jess engages in close to 250,000 cross-channel conversations per month and has managed over 9 million conversations with Jetstar customers.