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Mobility #1 priority for corporate travel agents

According to new research, 80 per cent of agents believe mobility is the key to successfully managing corporate travel.

The findings come from Sabre Asia Pacific Travel Study surveyed corporate travel professionals from 19 key markets across the region.

The study found that mobility – from making a booking through a mobile device, to itinerary management, to staying in touch with their traveller via instant messaging – is their top priority, highlighting the importance placed on moving towards a mobile first strategy.

“With more companies shifting accountability of policy compliance to the traveller, the ability to integrate non-traditional sources of flight and accommodation, and option to change plans easily while on the go, will go a long way in helping the corporate traveller adhere to policy without compromising on the quality of travel,” said Sabre Travel Network Asia Pacific VP of Global Accounts Jason Toothman.

As well as this, 66 per cent also quoted looking at alternative forms of payment technology as a high priority area for them.


Sabre pins these results down to the rapid pace new technologies are emerging, which open up countless revenue channels for travel companies to tap into.

“Travel managers have an opportunity to engage their corporate travellers on multiple devices at all points of the journey for a truly seamless trip,” it said.

“Product solutions that can seamlessly integrate booking, itinerary management, messaging, virtual payments, expenses reporting and travel risk management will help corporate travellers improve their traveller experience, whilst helping their organisations maximise efficiency, streamline expenses and improve compliance.”

The report also found that overall, we’re quite a fickle bunch, with more than 42 per cent of corporate travellers likely to make changes to plans while traveling.

According to the study, more than 43 per cent of corporate travellers are deviating from company policy ahead of the trip and 42 per cent are making changes while travelling.