Move over Dave the goose, Air NZ has a new bird-bassador

While we loved watching Dave the goose discover Air NZ’s international services, and tango his way around Buenos Aires with a special lady goose, the Kiwi carrier has shone light on another, well, Kiwi.


Did you know New Zealand is home to more flightless birds than anywhere else in the world? Neither did we. So in an effort to cheer the woes of their national symbol – the Kiwi bird –  Air New Zealand has created a campaign centering on the little kiwi that could.

Sorry, Dave.

And although the Kiwi birds can’t fly, there is one way for them to get up in the air, as Pete the Kiwi found in the video below.

The little guy is just adorable, making jokes about sheep, tucking into his meals, and overcoming the sad fact that without wings, docs said he’d never fly.

Pete is voiced by actor Sam Neil, who makes a cameo near the end, before Pete takes viewers on a fun journey of the best things to see in New Zealand.

Check out some fun kiwi facts here:

  • There are 68,000 kiwi left in New Zealand.
  • The unmanaged kiwi population is declining at a rate of two per cent a year because of predators introduced by humans.
  • Kiwi usually live to between 25 and 50 years of age.
  • They are the only bird with nostrils at the tip of the beak, meaning they have a great sense of smell.
  • Their powerful legs make up a third of their bodyweight, making them fast runners.