New carry-on luggage rules for Aussie flights

New rules restricting the amount of powder you can bring onto an international flight in your carry-on luggage will kick in from June 30.

Which is bad news if you like to travel with face powder for midflight touch-ups.


Just like the rules restricting liquids and aerosols that came after the September 11 attacks, these restrictions are a reaction to a thwarted bomb plot on an Etihad flight out of Sydney last July, reports News.com. 

The restrictions are on “inorganic powders” meaning there are no restrictions on foodstuffs so you can still bring your fave coffee, baby formula and drink as many protein shakes as you want.

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According to the government TravelSECURE site, inorganic powders must be in containers of 350 millilitres (volume), 350 grams (weight) or less.


Finder.com.au reports there are exemptions for medical items, but you’ll need a letter from your doctor. The restrictions also make note of toys and souvenirs, such as snow globes, advising that if you’re not sure if there is powder involved, or how much, you should stow it in your check-in.

The new rules don’t apply for domestic flights unless you’re departing from an international terminal.