Oakwood brings Aussie luxury to hotels

Hannah Edensor

The world’s top hotels are taking to the luxury game like a fish to water, upping the ante now with high-end consumer brands.

And while luxe is the top priority, eco-friendly products are increasingly on the agenda.

Supporting the trend is premium Aussie skincare brand, APPELLES Skincare, as well as renowned Australian fashion designer, Peter Morrissey, which are both owned by Vanity Group.

The pair of brands have announced a brand new partnership, which will see them team up with Oakwood Asia Pacific, with the APPELLES Classic range landing at Oakwood Premier properties, while Peter Morrissey’s Sea Blossom Signatures Collection will be provided at Oakwood Residence and Oakwood Apartments properties.

This partnership with Oakwood Asia Pacific marks a significant expansion into the Asian market for both Morrissey and APPELLES, with both brands available to Oakwood guests in China, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines.

“We know that consumption of hotel toiletries is up dramatically from what it was 10, even 5 years ago,” VP of Vanity Group for Asia & North America, Andrew DeLaite, said.

“At the same time, guest expectations have continued to evolve, with a growing demand for designer labels. Supplying an unbranded product just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

“All over the world, hotels are adopting premium amenities that look elegant, are environmentally friendly, and have a strong social presence, with a consumer brand identity that is aligned to the properties.”

Dean Schreiber, managing director of Oakwood Asia Pacific also commented on the partnership, saying it reflects the quality and exclusivity of the brand.

“Our international travellers demand luxury in every respect – from the design, quality of furnishings and certainly such amenities as their toiletries,” he said.

“Oakwood Residence guests’ primary concern is their family, and eco-friendliness is certainly high on their list of priorities, while Oakwood Apartments’ guests are very much in-tune with all the contemporary trends and lifestyles.

“APPELLES is perfectly suited to the type of guests we attract at Oakwood Premier, while Peter Morrissey’s Signatures Range was the clear best choice for our Oakwood Residence and Oakwood Apartments brands.

“In both cases, the fact that these are well-known and eco-friendly consumer brands was a strong factor in our decision. The overarching aim is to make our guests feel at home – with products that they genuinely love to use in their own homes.”