Reporter goes undercover to expose dirty hotels

Well, this is a bit of a juicy story, isn’t it?

Undercover reporter; check. Dirty hotels; check. Footage from the whole saga; check.

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A reporter from the UK’s Channel 4 Dispatches has gone undercover as a hotel cleaner to look at the way hotels clean their rooms.

According to, the reporter, called only Irina, found that cleaners employed by the UK’s Premier Inn hotels used only one towel to clean an entire bathroom, toilet and all.

Footage from the documentary shows overworked cleaners who constantly work overtime to reach the hotel’s cleaning shift requirements.

The documentary also reveals that while the UK National Living Wage is around $13 per hour, some Premier cleaners were paid as little as $8.80.

As per, Irina struggled to meet the work designated to each hour, as she is tasked with cleaning a room in only 20 minutes.

As well as this, if she spends more than 20 minutes cleaning a room, she would not be paid for extra time.


On top of this, Irina claimed there would be an hour-and-a-half-long meeting every morning which was both compulsory and unpaid.

Breaktime is only half-an-hour each day, which was mostly used for extra cleaning.

As per, Premier Inn responded to the documentary almost immediately.

“The serious allegations in today’s program concern staff working for ISS, a multinational company that provides outsourced housekeeping services at a small minority of our hotels.

“As a responsible business, we take our commitment to the people who work for us extremely seriously. We were very concerned to hear allegations of poor working practices by ISS at one of our hotels.

“We are in the process of investigating these allegations and our findings will be addressed directly with ISS.

“We insist all suppliers work to robust standards that fully cover the rights of all team members.”

ISS also made a statement: “We have taken the allegations extremely seriously and have taken immediate steps to investigate them.

“We have performed both internal and external investigations to analyse the alleged issues at our customer’s site in question.