The final verdict: Uber, Rental cars and Taxis

To share or not to share, that is one of the biggest questions for both travellers and those in the industry.

But how much has the sharing economy affected travel patterns? And how do the new entrants into the market fare in comparison to their predecessors?

A recent report from Go Rentals has compared the price of Ubers, car rentals and taxis and found that costs depend entirely on the individual city.

Milan is the best place to rent a car as a return taxi ride will set you back $243.50 (€151.32) compared to a rental car which costs $40.74* (€25.31.) Auckland here in New Zealand is ranked 2nd in this list, $179.96 compared with $37.00 – even more expensive than when we conducted the research 3 years ago.

Uber vs rental car

Then there’s Uber to throw into the mix. Uber is significantly cheaper than taxis in most cities around the world.

It’s 163% more expensive to take a taxi in Birmingham in the UK than it is to take an Uber ($78.31 in a taxi vs $29.76 in an Uber, one way).

In a battle of Uber vs Rental Cars, it’s often much cheaper to hire a rental car for the day.airport-taxis-uber-new-zealand