The Italian Hotel Championing Zero-Food Miles

Italy is heralded for its fresh and seasonal gastronomy however Garden & Villas Resort on the island of Ischia is taking sustainable cuisine to the next level by serving genuine zero-mile products that tell the history of Ischia direct from their onsite organic garden.

Tucked inside a lush 3-hectare organic garden on the island of Ischia, aka the green island, Garden & Villas Resort uses vegetables sourced exclusively from its onsite organic garden to create traditional dishes innate to the region on its menus.

“The cuisine distinctive to Ischia is the perfect combination of tradition and nature, and Garden & Villas Resort chooses to respect these local traditions,” Rita Buono, General Manager of Garden & Villas Resort said.

“The green island offers honest ingredients that tell the story of the entire area: from land to sea, rich biodiversity and a delicate balance of flavours, for a real journey through eco-gastronomy, while respecting the environment.”

The garden is characterised by traditional dry-stone walls, aromatic plants, olive trees, carob trees, strawberry trees and a variety of fruit trees.

Vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant are grown without using fertilisers and chemical pesticides. These vegetables form the basis of many a local delicacy such as Coniglio all’Ischitana (Ischian Rabbit Stew), seafood dishes and pizza.

Garden & Villas Resort_5

Garden & Villas Resort was specifically designed to be environmentally friendly with 9-villas featuring the classic and warm Mediterranean architecture all surrounded by the charming 3-hectare garden.

Strategically located within this green area, the villas provide tranquillity while maintaining a sense of connection to the green landscape for which the island is lauded.

Garden & Villas Resort offers a Long Stay Package including overnight accommodation & breakfast, dinner at “Il Corbezzolo” restaurant with pool views (drinks excluded) and three 50-minute massages per person.