The Parisian hotel that gives dogs the luxury treatment

We don’t want to alarm you but this five-star hotel in Paris is offering luxury treatment for your fave fuzzy little life partners.

If you’ve been to Paris, you’ll know first hand how dog-friendly the city of love is. Parisian pooches can often be seen loafing about outside cafes and restaurants.

Ah, we wish everywhere were like Paris.


The hotel in question, La Reserve, is the former mansion of Pierre Cardin and has only 40 rooms that go for around 1400 euros per night.

However, it is not just the two-legged that seek this luxurious Parisian respite.

The four-legged fashion influencer can also be found here, sipping Evian from specially supplied bowls and lounging back on pillows, awaiting the butler to bring the menu.

For thirty-six euros per dish including tax, these canine gourmands can choose from an incredibly lavish menu including Suprême de poulet, riz vapeur, Viande hachée, riz, épinards, Pâtes (pasta), jambon blanc or Poisson du jour, carottes, épinards.

We’re not entirely sure what those dishes are but we wish we could eat as well as these dogs do.

If your dog is fashionable enough to make an appearance at fashion week, the hotel has you covered on canine couture too.

Designer pet outfitter ‘Mungo and Maud’ offered a pop up to salvage any embarrassing faux pas such as having your dog turn up in a fringe blanket coat when everyone else is in optical prints.

And if you wish to go just that extra OTT, Paris is also home to pup perfumes and specially tailored food for dietary requirements.

La Reserve is perfect for these purebreds as it just around the corner from the boutique-lined rue du Faubourg St-Honoré. Perfect for scooby selfies, the Haussmann-style property evokes a bygone era, with Belle Époque-style interiors — rich red and purple velvets, damasks, brocades and silks — that ooze opulence.