The world’s longest flight is back – and more relaxing than ever

Thought flights couldn’t get longer than the Perth to London route? We hate to break it to you, but they can get much, much longer.

Almost 19 hours, to be exact.

No, we aren’t kidding. Singapore Airlines will once again have the longest flight – an 18-hour-and-45-minute route from Newark, US, to Singapore.

The route was discontinued in 2013 due to excessive fuel costs, but in October this year, guests will fly on the new Airbus A350-900ULR, an energy-efficient plane that can fly up to twenty hours without refuelling.

And because you’d be forgiven for thinking that many hours on a plane is bound to be more uncomfortable than regular-length flights, Singapore Airlines has teamed up with US-based wellness company, Canyon Ranch, to make sure passengers have the most relaxing experience possible.

The rest-and-relaxation program involves serving special meals on board, ambient lighting to help you sleep, and stretching exercises to keep your body moving.

Canyon Ranch’s nutritionists will also re-vamp the menu, and cut out anything processed or sweetened while focusing on more hydrating foods. There’ll be whole grains and proteins, plus spices to aid digestion like turmeric and fennel.

There’s also newly-designed and newly-comfortable sleep masks, plus “sleep strategies” like red, yellow and orange lights to promote a good night’s sleep and relaxation. Oh, and the cabin won’t be as freezing as it usually is thanks to a new air-refreshing system on board the Airbus A350.

And to get your body moving, the entertainment system even comes fitted with a guide for stretching in your seat! Which means your bound to leave the plane less stiff and sore.

The best bit? After the launch of the Newark-Singapore flight, the Airbus A350 and all the relaxing perks that come with it will be Singapore Airlines routes to LA and San Francisco too.

That’s one 18 hour flight we can get on board with.