“This industry is built on connections”: Fabian Pfortmüller talks AIME’s Knowledge program

The Asia Pacific’s preeminent meetings and incentives experience is gearing up for a blockbuster 2019 event.

That’s right folks, AIME is getting ready to facilitate quality connections between industry decision makers across the board.

But first, they wanted to show delegates what they should be looking for and how it’s done. That’s why the new host of AIME, Talk2 Media & Events, have reimagined the Knowledge program.

The Knowledge program aims (pun not intended)  to explore how we design and curate human-centred experiences in a rapidly digital age and how to, connect with our audiences and forge memorable experiences.

To find out more about the program, we had a chat with Fabian Pfortmüller, who will be hosting the 2019 AIME Knowledge program.

Pfortmüller is a community builder and entrepreneur who runs a strategic advisory firm called COMMUNITY that helps organizations understand and build authentic communities.

All my work is around how to help people build relationships. How do you help people build trust and a sense of belonging? That’s the perspective I’m bringing to this,” Pfortmüller told the Nibbler

“There are a lot of meetings that follow a certain kind of protocol or a certain kind of norm, and we’re trying to break out of that and be a little thought provoking by bringing a focus on meaningful connections.”

That’s why organisers have decided to invite exhibitors to the AIME Knowledge program this year, for the first time.

Previously the program was exclusively buyers only.

And that’s not the only change they’ve made this year. They’re also partnering up with Guide Dogs Victoria to create an interactive experience called Dialogue in the Dark.

“It’s an interactive, immersive experience where participants will be led by a guide with low vision through a totally dark room to create some empathy and perspective,” Pfortmüller said.

“It’s one hour long and you will have to navigate your way through the space, go through a series of environments.

“The main focus here is on inclusivity and diversity as well as challenging our biases around how we think about people with low vision and people with disabilities.

“It will raise questions about how inclusive our events and experiences are.”

According to Pfortmüller, the Knowledge program will also explore how we create human-centred connections in a digital age.

“A lot of people believe online will replace in-person meetings and I believe the opposite,” he said.

“I think online is good as a way to expand and build, but our future will not be just in front of computers. We will be craving the offline and the human experiences more.”

Most importantly, the program will explore the quality of the connections delegates make during events.

“When I think about the future of business connections something I notice is a lot of these connections are transactional or quite formal, but I wonder what we can do to make them more personal or authentic,” Pfortmüller told us.

This industry is built on connections, its built on relationships and that comes in the form of collaboration, doing business together, but it also comes in the form of building friendships.

“For the industry to stay at the cutting edge, we need to come together and share ideas.

“Good ideas won’t come from sitting by yourself, it will come through exposing yourself and building relationships.”