Trav-sparency: the new essential in corporate travel

After a major Australian bank’s recent dumping of its corporate travel provider upon discovering they had been overcharging on processing, transparency is more crucial than ever in today’s travel landscape.

The Goldman Group weighs in on the transparency debate – coining the term ‘trav-sparency’ as an essential ingredient in corporate travel.

For Goldman, ‘trav-sparency’ makes up the company’s DNA.

Hidden costs, servicing fees or mark ups are non-existent and what you see is what you get.

Today, the business traveller is spoilt for choice, but by staying true to their niche speciality, The Goldman Group remains at the at the forefront of the travel industry and delivers a top class corporate experience.

David Goldman, Joint Managing Director believes the Goldman Group’s policy on ‘trav-sparency’ is what separates them from competitors.

“For many corporate clients, saving money is paramount. There are many strategies that the client is not aware of – where a travel expert is well versed,” he said.

“At Goldman, we identify travel behaviour patterns of our clients and focus on the fares – not the fees.”

In conjunction to this, The Goldman Group offers clients a six-piece Business Benefits Bundle to unlock service, savings and rewards including access to their preferred hotel program, concierge services and more.

Serving as another tier of trav-sparency is the Gold Portal, a gateway to all the information a business traveller needs.

The convenient tool is a single screen solution that includes reporting, which aids expense management for the client, resulting in 100% transparency.

Corporate travel is one segment of the global travel industry that has continued to show potential for growth and development during the last five years.

A recent survey from the Global Business Travel Association projected the total revenue generated from global business travel would reach $1.6 trillion dollars by 2020.

Business is booming.

While these statistics don’t paint the full picture, they do highlight the important role that corporate travel plays in 2018 and beyond.

The corporate traveller is a new breed of traveller, one who is driven by tech and maximising savings.

The Goldman Group understands the critical role that the corporate traveller plays in today’s travel landscape, and continually evolves and tailors their products and services to meet the clients’ needs.

“What’s available online vs. what value a travel expert brings to the table boils down to knowledge and service.”

“Clients are doing more research online, however don’t possess the experience or tools of a travel expert,” says Goldman.

“Unlike OTAs, we service clients from departure to the moment they return home. OTAs are unable to rectify incidents that occur overseas and for Goldman, that’s an invaluable service.”