Travel back to the 60s in this new hotel

Instead of getting up super, super early next time you have a pesky 8am flight, do yourself a favour and check in here.

Okay, you can’t technically check in until early 2018 – but we’re sure this new hotel will be well worth the wait.

The Felix Hotel is set to change the airport accommodation game (making it much, much better) with its penthouse check-in, aviation theme and a 1960’s twist on a modern, urban aesthetic.

The newest creation from 8Hotels has 150 rooms, a two-minute drive from Sydney’s domestic terminal, and only a 10 minute one from the international terminal.

Being so close to the airport, it will channel the golden era of air travel (the 1960s) and the theme will follow all things plane-related.

Upon arrival, head up to the penthouse to check in – or have a drink. It also doubles as a cocktail bar and an outdoor cinema, where you can watch planes land and take off (and get excited to be on one of them).

The rooms have names like “first class” and “business” – and the conference rooms will be called Boeing and Airbus.

The hotel will also come with self-check-in kiosks and a 24-hour food shop, gym, and self-use laundry. Plus, in-room entertainment and wi-fi.

Screw staying at the Felix Hotel, we want to live there.