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Turns out influencers have very little influence over travellers

Recent research has shone a light on what factors influence your clients travel decisions.

And guess what? It turns out social media influencers were ranked the LEAST influential when it comes to booking travel.

According to Amadeus’ Journey of Me Insights report, the sources that have the most impact on Aussie travel choices are travel reviews (eg, on TripAdvisor) which tied with online booking sites.

The second highest ranking influence was family, friends or colleagues, followed by travel guides, and brochures which tied with travel agents.

So, unfortunately, agents aren’t the most influential factors when it comes to trip planning.

But don’t fret, because when it comes to booking, research from AFTA shows that more than 70 per cent of all Australian travellers have booked at least some part of their trip with an Australian travel agent.


While social media in general did have some effect, celebrities and influencers had very little impact.

The Journey of Me insights surveyed a total of 6,870 people from 14 markets in Asia Pacific that have travelled by plane in the last 12 months.

The study also showed what kids of advice travellers are looking for in their booking process, with advice on how to save money coming out on top (44 per cent of Aussie respondents) which was particularly important to baby boomers as compared with younger generations.

The next most popular recommendations were how to identify the best sightseeing options, followed by how to find the best experiences.

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