Virgin unveils pop-up check-in

The era of ease is definitely upon us.

With everything from food delivery to gym timetables only a click away, it makes sense that airlines would follow suit.

Virgin has unveiled the latest technology to make the life of a traveller easier, the world’s first pop-up check-in service.

The service offers Virgin passengers the ability to drop off their baggage and check in remotely using Off Airport Check-In Solutions (OACIS) from Amadeus’ Airport Common Use Service cloud technology.

According to the airline, the service aims to “provide guests with the convenience of seat and baggage check-in away from the airport at locations such as cruise ports, conference venues and hotels” in an effort to “relieve congestion at major Australian airports”.

Travellers disembarking from Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal and White Bay Cruise Terminal will be the first to use the new check-in and baggage drop service, with Virgin Australia staff also available to assist guests.

Group Executive Virgin Australia Airlines Rob Sharp said, “Over 1.5 million passengers are transported to and from Sydney by cruise ship in peak season and many of those who disembark at Sydney’s cruise terminals then fly to another destination.

“This new service means tourists can check-in and drop their bags off once their cruise ship has docked, and can then enjoy the freedom to explore the city, bag-free, before taking off to their next destination.

“In addition, this service will help ease airport congestion as these passengers will now be checked in and ready to go for their flight,” Sharp said.

Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, Melinda Pavey, said the introduction of the new service is a win for Australia’s $5.3 billion cruise industry, of which New South Wales holds 58 per cent of the market share.

“This year’s cruise season is a record breaker for New South Wales with 350 cruise ships to visit Sydney and now the thousands of passengers disembarking a cruise ship each day at one of Sydney’s cruise terminals can enjoy a streamlined travel experience with the new service.

“The cruise ship industry shows no sign of slowing and remains the fastest growing tourism sector in Australia — almost 1.3 million Australians go on a cruise each year and the cruise industry is worth $5.3 billion nationally, with 58 per cent attributed to NSW,” she said.

Matthew Lee, CEO of OACIS said the cutting-edge technology will enable travellers to maximise their time on holidays or their business day and minimise their wait time at the airport.

“This agile technology will create a seamless travel experience for travellers and will allow Virgin Australia to get their guests up and away as quickly and smoothly as possible.

“We’re proud to partner with Virgin Australia to bring this innovative service to travellers and we’re excited to explore the future possibilities for using our solution to assist major events and activities in Australia and New Zealand,” he said.

Virgin Australia plans to explore future opportunities to implement the service at new locations around its network
following the completion of the initial pilot program.

The service,  cloud technology to work remotely with Virgin Australia’s system to provide travellers with a check-in and baggage service that can be accessed from anywhere, according to customer demand.

Virgin Australia is very much at the forefront of tech advancements in the industry, introducing onboard Wi-fi on flights from Australia to Los Angeles in December.