What are the most reliable airlines for 2018?

The ten best and the worst airlines for reliability have been revealed in a huge survey.

An airline’s customer service, inconvenient delays and cancellations can make even the most patient of travellers embroiled in frustration and disappointment.

Passengers have the expectations of convenience and reliability when flying with an airline, but how do you know which one to choose?

A study of the world’s top 44 airlines during the period of September was conducted by Get Going Insurance.

The findings gave a score and ranking for each carrier based on their percentage of delays, cancellations, average wait time, safety and customer satisfaction.

To assist with your next travel plans, the infographic below gives a detailed overview of which airlines are the most reliable to fly with, and a ranking of the top ten best and top ten worst airlines in the world.

US regional carrier, Go Jet Airlines came in as the most reliable with only 5.74 per cent of flights delayed and a customer rating of 8/10.

While on the other end, Air China was ranked the worst airline, with 73.2 per cent of flights delayed, and a customer rating of 4/10.

Qantas didn’t make it into the top ten best but scored fairly high in safety ranking, low percentage of delays as well as low average wait time.

The Aussie carrier scored above average in customer satisfaction but rather low in the percentage of cancellations. Check it out in the graph below.


Here are the ten best airlines…


… And the Worst