What are the most ridiculous airport codes?

So here’s something fun, we realised quite a few airport names have very silly acronyms.

Did we notice this while looking up flights to Fukuoka Japan? Yes, yes we did.

Before we dive into this completely unnecessary list, let’s just give a reminder to those in the back about what we’re actually talking about.

Airport codes are those three-letter abbreviations that get stuck on your bag when boarding.

Ok now that that’s out of the way; let’s get back to the SEX, Sembach Airport Germany, that is.

So without any further delays (he he), here are some of the world’s silliest airport codes.

BOG | Bogotá airport, Columbia

There are many definitions of this word, luckily you can spend ample time looking them up while in the BOG airport lounge.

BOO | Bodo Airport, Norway

BOO! Is it a ghost? No! It’s a flight delay.

BUD | Budapest, Hungary

We don’t know what it is about this airport, but we get instant-friendly feels.

BUM | Butler Airport, USA

Welcome to BUM! The butt of every airport joke.

CAT | Cat Island Airport, Bahamas

Well, this one isn’t really an acronym, rather just the name of the island. We guess everyone there would be feline pretty pawsome.

DIE | Arrachart, Madagascar

Probably the last airport code you’d want to see on your boarding pass if you’re an anxious flyer.

DIK | Dickinson Airport, USA

Funnily enough, no Richards to be found at DIK Airport.

DOG | Dongola Airport, Qatar

You’d have to be barking mad not get excited about this airport. Or at least be having a pretty ruff week.

DOH | Doha Airport, Qatar

There’s even a giant Homer Simpson statue at the airport. Wait, that’s not true. D’oh.

EAT | Wenatchee Airport, USA

Hungry? Well, we’re sure you won’t have a problem at this airport.

EEK | Eek Airport, USA

Uh oh! We can’t think of a funny joke for this one, eek!

FAB | Farnborough Airport, UK

We get a really good vibe about this airport. It really is absolutely fabulous dahling.

FAT | Fresno Yosemite Airport, USA

Seats might be a little tight at this airport, we have a feeling it’s got a pretty good relationship with Wenatchee Airport.

FUK | Fukuoka, Japan

He he he. That’s all.

GAY | Gaya, India

The happiest, most rainbow styling airport on the list. If only we’d been there for the vote results last Wednesday.

KOK | Kokkola Airport, Finland

Can we use the same gag here that we did for Fukuoka? He he he.

LOL | Lovelock, Nevada

Memes and internet talk galore at this airport, brb, gtg check it out.

MAD | Madrid, Spain

You’d be mad too if you were on the way to Spain and had forgotten to pack stretchy pants.

OMG | Omega Airport, Namibia

Wow, you’re going to Africa! OMG! How exciting!

PEE | Perm Airport, Russia

If you’ve been following the Trump/Russia news cycle, this one is actually quite fitting.

POO |  Pocos de Caldas Airport, Brazil

Unlike its name, this city is not at all a hot stinking mess.

SEX |  Sembach Airport, Germany

Oh, the puns and jokes we could come up with for this one. Funnily enough, it’s a missionary airbase.