What travel’s big CEOs are earning each year

Hannah Edensor

Ever wondered what the bosses of Flight Centre, Air New Zealand, Corporate Travel Management, or Helloworld, earn?

Today, you’re in luck.

Each of these companies had their financial results come out recently, and with each of these businesses making a pretty profit, we thought we’d take a peek at the CEO salaries as well.

Almost all industry CEOs operate with a base fixed salary, that’s added to with both short and long-term incentives. However if they don’t hit their targets, these fixed wages is where the dollars stop.

Let’s dive in.

Corporate Travel Management

Laura Ruffles
Laura Ruffles

Jamie Pherous, Managing Director

Fixed Salary: $448,221

Incentives: $225,000 in short-term

Total: $679,319

2016 total: $715,447

Laura Ruffles, CEO AU/NZ

Fixed Salary: $538,462

Incentives: $360,000 in short-term & $185,623 in long-term*

Total: $1,167,589

2016 total: $1,008,345

Flight Centre Travel Group


Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner, Managing Director & CEO

Fixed Salary: $380,384

Incentives: $275,000

Total: $646,936 (excludes long service leave)

2016 total: $637,100

Bonus fact: Skroo earns the bulk of his remuneration in shares – over 15 million shares in total into Flight Centre, which will see him pocket $14.3 million when the final dividend is paid.

Helloworld Travel Limited

Andrew Burnes
Andrew Burnes

Andrew Burnes, CEO & Managing Director

Fixed salary: $455,384

Incentives: $-

Total: $482,392

2016 total: $214,083 (started February 2016)

Cinzia Burnes, Wholesale & Inbound and Executive Director

Fixed salary: $455,384

Incentives: $-

Total: $482,392

2016 total: $214,083 (started February 2016)

Bonus fact: Mr and Mrs Burnes both have investments into Helloworld shares, similar to Skroo, and in addition to individual shares, both have a beneficial interest into nearly 18.5 million fully paid ordinary shares. As of June 30 2017, the final dividend per share was eight cents.

Air New Zealand

Christopher Luxon
Christopher Luxon

Christopher Luxon, CEO

Fixed salary: $1,510,000

Incentives: $1,464,969 in short-term (payable in 2018) + $830,500 + $735,000 in long-term*

Total: $4,540,469

2016 total: $4,595,500

*long-term incentives remain at risk, given the nature of the long-term performance targets and are payable on the provision long-term performance standards are reached.