Your new flying bible: Major airline’s baggage limits

Getting to an airport and realising you have too much baggage is about as fun as running out of petrol in the middle of a dessert.

But it’s not always easy staying ahead of the game, considering airlines often have different limits for different planes, from different cities, for different classes.

It really is enough to make your head spin.

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Thankfully, the Independent UK has done the hard work and put together a list of what can be taken on who, or who can be taken on what.

To be honest we’re still quite confused by the whole thing.

As per the  Independent, travellers who pay more for their flights may get higher limits depending on their loyalty and frequent flyer programs.

Check out the limits here:


Air India: 46kg

Jet Airways: 46kg

Virgin Atlantic: 46kg

Etihad: 30kg

Qatar Airways: 30kg

British Airways: 23kg

Emirates: 20kg

Turkish Airlines: 20kg


British Airways 23kg

Royal Brunei 23kg

Virgin Atlantic 23kg

Emirates 20kg

Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific: 30kg

Qatar Airways: 30kg

Aeroflot: 23kg

British Airways: 23kg

Etihad: 23kg

Virgin Atlantic: 23kg

Emirates: 20kg

Turkish Airlines: 20kg


British Airways: 46kg

Ethiopian Airlines: 46kg

Kenya Airways: 46kg

Qatar Airways: 30kg

Etihad: 23kg

Emirates: 20kg

Turkish Airlines: 20kg

New York

Air India: 46kg

American Airlines: 23kg

British Airways: 23kg

KLM: 23kg

United: 23kg

Virgin Atlantic: 23kg

Delta: 23kg (zero for travel from 10 April)

Norwegian: zero


British Airways: 46kg

LATAM: 46kg

Air France: 23kg

TAP Portugal: 23kg


China Southern: 46kg

Malaysia Airlines: 30kg

Qantas: 30kg

Qatar Airways: 30kg

Singapore Airlines: 30kg

British Airways: 23kg

Etihad: 23kg

Emirates: 20kg


Air Canada: 23kg

Air France: 23kg

British Airways: 23kg

Lufthansa: 23kg

WestJet: zero