Guest comment with CP Communications director Catriona Pollard

Guest comment with CP Communications director Catriona Pollard
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Blogging is a great way to communicate with your target audience, share your stories and engage with other people in your industry. Event organisers and venues should consider writing their own blog to share their expertise, customer stories and build their profile as industry experts.

Here are some tips for creating a great blog.

Pick your topic

Choose a topic for your blog and stick to it. Ideally this topic should be related to your company, venue or an aspect of the events industry. For example if you want to target soon-to-be brides you could write a blog all about planning your wedding and choosing the perfect venue.

Once you have chosen a topic you should avoid writing about anything else. If you stray from your chosen topic then your readers may become disinterested and stop reading.

Consider your target audience

Think about who you want to read your blog and why. For example, you may want potential customers to read your blog in order to build their brand awareness and encourage bookings.

Your blog should then aim to reach this target audience by posting content that is interesting and appealing to them.


Have great content

Having great content is extremely important to the success of your blog. With great content people are more likely to read your blog or recommend you to their friends.

Your content should be interesting and relevant to your readers or contain information they might be looking for.

You can help to keep your content interesting by posting in a variety of different ways. For, example you could post videos, infographics or run a competition.


Be consistent

Regularly posting fresh content on your blog is important to attract new readers. If your blog hasn’t been updated in a long time then readers may lose interest in it.

A great idea is to set a specific day that you will publish your blog post and make sure you adhere to this deadline. For example, you may choose to post content every Monday and Wednesday. It is a good idea to post at least once a week.

Make it easy to read

Make sure your content is easy to read by splitting up large chunks of text into short paragraphs and using subheadings and bullet points.

Catchy headlines

Interesting headlines can increase the chances of people reading your blog post. Your headline should also convey the main point of the blog post.

Use images

It’s a great idea to use images in all of your blog posts because it helps to attract readers’ attention and makes the content more interesting. When sharing the blog post on your social media sites a picture will be more eye-catching then a block of text. This may encourage more people to read the blog post.

Social it

You should share every new blog post on your social media profiles by posting a link on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest profiles. This will help to drive traffic back to your blog and encourage other people to read it.

You should also include social media share buttons on your blog to enable readers to easily share your content.

Ask a question

Encourage your readers to interact with your content by including a question at the bottom of each blog post. This will help to create a conversation with your readers and allow you to gain valuable feedback or build a relationship with them.

Make sure your blog allows readers to comment by ensuring the comment section is available under your content.

Creating a blog for your event company or venue is a great way to communicate with your target audience in a different way. Why not start your own blog and discover the communication benefits today.


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