Airline launches record label as it eyes entry to events industry

AirAsia has unveiled the next step in its expanding product line-up – a precursor to the company’s entry into the events space.

In partnership with Universal Music Group (UMG), the airline has announced the launch of a new Asian-talent -focused record label, RedRecords.

The two companies announced the partnership at a press conference, held in Kuala Lumpur on Friday, days after AirAsia unveiled its first Asian fast food restaurant – serving the airline’s in-flight menu.

And although the emphasis of the announcement is on “developing and breaking” new Asian artists, a recording of the press conference obtained by Skift reveals RedRecords is a precursor to AirAsia’s entry into the events space in Asia.

According to the outlet, this could include organising music festivals and selling concert tickets or full travel packages, which include flights, hotels, and event tickets.

“It’s a continuation of our journey as a lifestyle platform,” Fernandes said. “Music is a large element of lifestyle. So [we’re thinking] live events, streaming, festivals — we’re toying with the name RedVibes — ticket sales.

“We want to change the way you see concerts, [not just buying tickets] but hotels, packages.

“It’s a whole infrastructure that we’re looking at and that will be replicated with film [content]. We want to become more relevant to your life.

“Your life with us now is purely buying [airline] tickets, so we hope you’ll spend more time in the day on AirAsia’s associated products, of which RedRecords is one.”

RedRecords will be based in Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles with the aim of expanding A-Pop’s reach beyond national borders and languages to reach audiences around the world.

The record label announced the signing of Thai pop-artist and influencer Jannine Weigel as its marquee first artist.