“Alohol-free, non-sexual” naked disco to hit Melbourne

A naked disco event is coming to Melbourne, so get ready to take your kit off and dance to Earth, Wind & Fire.

Taking place in the Victoria Room at Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, the ‘Club Purple’ event is the brainchild of Australian artist Stuart Ringholt as a part of Rising Festival, which kicks off during the total lunar eclipse on 26 May.

The naked disco will take place between 6pm and midnight until the festival concludes on 6 June.

According to Rising’s website, the “naturalist disco” is an “alcohol-free, non-sexual shedding of inhibitions”.

“Simply remove your clothes, step onto the carpeted dancefloor, pick your favourite songs from the jukebox’s touch screen and go bananas for 30 minutes,” it says.

The event isn’t Ringholt’s first foray into nude events, with the artist hosting nude tours of the MCS in Sydney in 2016.

Featured image source: iStock/LUMIKK555