Aussie aviation player creates ‘jet pooling’ program for corporate travellers

Skippy Air Charter, an Australian aviation company that sources private charter aircraft, has unveiled a new membership option that allows corporate travellers to pool on private jets.

The cornerstone of the ‘Corporate X Membership Program’ is utilising corporate jet aircraft for travel between Melbourne and Sydney as a single passenger on one day per week return flights for an initial period of six months.

While currently not in service due to the coronavirus situation in Victoria and New South Wales, the company explained that each aircraft will only accommodate seven other people, with travellers only required to pay for their seat and not the whole aircraft.

On members’ agreed weekly departure day, corporate travellers will arrive at Skippy Air Charter’s private passenger lounge, in Melbourne or Sydney, where their name will be checked off the passenger manifest, and they will be asked to board the aircraft awaiting outside the lounge door.

Each member has their own aisle seat with no one sitting alongside them. Once in cruise, their personal flight attendant will offer them refreshments and, if needed, organise for transport to be arranged upon your arrival.

Once at their destination, members will disembark outside the lounge and walk through to their awaiting vehicle, before doing it all again at the end of the day.

“In short, no public passenger terminals, no check-in counters, no standing in security screening lines and definitely no sitting with 180 other people,” Skippy Air Charter business relationship manager Mary Grant said.

Skippy is currently inviting expressions of interest and will commence services once cross-border restrictions are lifted.

Featured image source: iStock/milanvirijevic