Australian Event Awards to take place simultaneously across four states

The Australian Event Awards are on tonight, and this year COVID-19 has made the event all the more special.

According to event organisers, this year’s event is a testament to the dedication of industry players to celebrate and pursue its advancement despite the challenges of the global pandemic.

This year, four events will be held simultaneously nationwide in capital cities across the country, with all events linked via video technology.

A total of 26 project delivery partners are supplying their goods and services in capital cities across the nation today and integrating their individual elements to allow the 2020 multi-state awards to proceed.

At the Sydney Venue, Luna Park, attendees will see Chameleon lighting up the room, Coda supplying sound, ShowTex Australia and Events Fantastic decorate and theme the stage, with Tripoint Rigging Services providing supports for the setup.

Major Partner Coates Hire is supporting partners with the provision of lifts to get the set up in the air. To make sure it’s all COVID-safe, Congress Rentals will be screening guests on arrival.

In order for all of the events to be linked together, the awards have Big Picture, Barrett Evolution, The P.A. People and Firesteel to combine all events on screen.

As the awards are to be held across four states, each state also has its own venue, broadcasting and AV partners ready to supply their what’s needed to make their event happen.

Venue partners include Luna Park in New South Wales, RAC Arena in Western Australia, the Adelaide Entertainment Centre and Victoria Park in Queensland.

AV Partners in each state include Megavision in Western Australia, AV Plus in South Australia and EventX in Queensland, while broadcasting in Queensland will be covered by Inverse imaging.

Western Australia and South Australia also have Presenting Partners, the Events Industry Association and Adelaide Fringe.

“The awards are very fortunate to have so much supplier support. Without the support of our Partners the awards could simply not exist,” Ian Steigrad, managing director of the Australian Event Awards, said.

“After the year the industry has faced, to be able to bring the events community together, not just at the ceremony itself but through the planning and execution of the awards is an honour and a privilege.”