Best Western enters luxury space with new acquisition

Best Western Hotels and Resorts has acquired global hotel brand WorldHotels, adding a luxury element to its portfolio.

WorldHotels, which represents a collection of around 300 unique and special hotels and resorts around the world, will maintain its distinct personality and individuality while benefiting from Best Western’s robust and scalable E-Commerce platform, strong partnerships, award-winning sales and marketing support, and powerful revenue engines.

“There is tremendous synergy between Best Western and WorldHotels. By joining forces in this new partnership, we will create competitive advantages for both companies,” said David Kong, President and CEO of Best Western Hotels & Resorts.

“I have the utmost respect for WorldHotels and believe in its vast potential.”

Geoff Andrew, CEO, WorldHotels said the combined power of the two brands sets the stage for a bright future for Best Western and WorldHotels.

“Through its established senior leadership team and regional presence in each market, Best Western brings a new level of expertise that will undoubtedly help grow both Best Western and WorldHotels in key markets,” he said.

According to Best Western, the hotel giant has been on a “journey of incredible transformation” over the past few years, expanding its portfolio to 13 brands to reach a broad range of guests.

“In the coming months, our focus will be to unlock WorldHotels’ potential by improving revenue delivery to its hotels while protecting its independent identity,” Kong said.

“We truly believe our platform will build the WorldHotels brand and attract many more independence-minded, quality hotels to join.  We are very pleased that Geoff Andrew will continue as CEO of WorldHotels for the foreseeable future.”