BridgeClimb seeks untold stories and artefacts of Sydney Harbour Bridge for 90th birthday

The Sydney Harbour Bridge will celebrate its 90th birthday on the 19th of March 2022 and BridgeClimb is asking Australians across the country to share their untold stories and artefacts of the Aussie landmark.

BridgeClimb are encouraging all people to make a submission. Whether they know someone who worked on the construction or maintenance of the bridge, own a unique piece of Bridge memorabilia, or hold a special memory involving the bridge, all submissions are welcome.

Paul Hogan working as a rigger on the Sydney Harbour Bridge 1971 (John Carnemolla)

BridgeClimb’s CEO Deb Zimmer firmly believes that some incredible stories and artefacts will be discovered over the next few months. 

“Everyone has a story that involves the Sydney Harbour Bridge,” Zimmer said.

“Whether you’ve scaled to the summit with us, watched it put on a spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks display, or simply taken a train ride over it, the bridge has played a part in many people’s lives and we’re so excited to see what we uncover throughout this process.”

Wirth’s Circus walking Elephants over the bridge in 1932 (Tim Hood)

Some of the notable stories about the Sydney Harbour Bridge include Wirth’s Circus taking elephants across the bridge to promote their show in 1932 and Paul Hogan’s career pre-stardom of working on the bridge as a rigger in the 70’s for over a decade when he was thrust into the international limelight.

All story and artefact submissions will be reviewed by BridgeClimb for possible inclusion, in time, within the Pylon Lookout & Museum. 

To submit your story click here.

Featured image: iStock/Clarence01