British Airways teams up with Qatar Airways for Aussie expansion

British Airways and Qatar Airways are looking to partner up on flights between Australia and the UK.

The two airlines have applied to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for authorisation to co-ordinate on nine routes between Australia and the UK via Doha including:

  • ADL-LON (Adelaide – London)
  • MEL-LON (Melbourne – London)
  • PER-LON (Perth – London)
  • CBR-LON (Canberra – London)
  • ADL-MAN (Adelaide – Manchester)
  • MEL-EDI (Melbourne – Edinburgh)
  • PER-EDI (Perth – Edinburgh)
  • MEL-MAN (Melbourne – Manchester)
  • PER-MAN (Perth – Manchester)

If successful, the partnership would take the two airlines beyond their relationship as members of the Oneworld alliance and allow the two airlines to potentially coordinate on more than 100 routes, with connections from the UK to France, Germany and Spain.

According to a summary by the ACCC, British Airways and Qatar Airways are seeking to co-ordinate on schedule, capacity, revenue planning, joint pricing, sales and marketing activities, service parameters and standards, jointly procuring goods and services and frequent flyer programs until 2025.

The partnership would expand British Airway’s once-daily flight between Sydney and London to include Qatar’s network of Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.