Canadian MP caught urinating and stripping down during virtual parliamentary proceedings

A Canadian MP has blamed “hyperactive multitasking” after he appeared naked twice during virtual House of Commons proceedings and was caught peeing into a cup.

William Amos spoke for the first time since going on leave at the end of May after he was seen urinating in a cup on camera during House of Commons Proceedings less than two months after appearing completely naked in the same setting.

“I put everyone in such an embarrassing situation, but I want to clarify that though those two incidents were embarrassing, they do not define me. These were not circumstances driven by personal gain, ill intent, unethical or a morally reprehensible act,” Amos said, according to the National Post.

The MP said he consulted medical professionals after the second incident, following suggestions of mental health problems, and claimed he did not have a mental health disorder, and that it was instead suggested he “insists too much on trying to do too many things at the same time” and has a propensity for “hyperactive multitasking” and a “lack of focus” which cause “important professional vulnerability.”

Amos caused quite a stir in April after appearing naked during an internal parliamentary Zoom call, according to The New York Times.

The MP apologised for the mishap and said he had returned home from a run and stripped down, unaware his camera was on.

“I made a really unfortunate mistake today and obviously I’m embarrassed by it,” he said in a post to Twitter.

“My camera was accidentally left on as I changed into work clothes after going for a jog. I sincerely apologise to all my colleagues in the House. It was an honest mistake [and] it won’t happen again.”

Following the most recent incident, Amos posted another statement to Twitter and said he was deeply embarrassed by his actions.

“Last night, while attending a House of Commons proceedings virtually, in a non-public setting, I urinated without realising I was on camera,” he said.

“While accidental and not visible to the public, this was completely unacceptable and I apologise unreservedly.”

Amos told local media he would follow a “wellness plan” to prevent a third incident and promised to reduce his weekly workload from 85 hours to 60 hours and focus on one thing at a time to avoid “unacceptable carelessness and distraction, especially in virtual environments”.