cievents leading and fostering innovation

cievents has launched Innovation Week, a think tank to provide a forum for sharing new technology trends and products.

The event aims to demonstrate the business’ commitment to innovation, drive staff engagement and enhance the foundations for an innovative culture.

This global initiative for the events industry included collaborative workshops, interactive supplier showcases and a hackathon across three strategic pillars – attract, immerse and reward –  with the aim of gathering ideas and equipping the cievents’ team with the inspiration and tools needed to continue to deliver end-to-end experiences for their clients and delegates.

The theme for Innovation Week was “leading with creative”, and how cievents will continue to deliver creative solutions for their customers.

Teams broke into small groups to tackle various challenges and solve mini-problems that will be reviewed by a committee, then presented to the business.

The top ten ideas will be introduced to cievents at their annual conference in November 2017. Following the success of Innovation Week, pop-up innovations will continue throughout the year.

cievents recognise the events industry is changing and in order to continue to lead the way they must always be evolving in order to meet, and anticipate, the ever-changing needs of their clients and deliver unique tailored solutions that are both innovative and creative.

This exciting new initiative will foster the necessary sustainable and positive change in their people, business and their culture to remain competitive.

Technology is a huge contributing factor to the changes in the industry. Video content allows for powerful storytelling. Mobile technology means platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo in larger 4K formats are readily accessible. cievents now has the flexibility to push creative boundaries at the same time as driving down production costs.

cievents is a global strategic event management agency with over 25 years’ experience offering highly specialised experiences and services for meetings, incentives and events.

Their experience is one of their greatest assets, they know how to put on a successful event that inspires audiences and stimulates hearts and minds in order to reach their clients’ business goals.

“cievents take a strategic creative approach with every partnership and each individual client brief. We deep dive to understand each client’s business objectives – we want to hear what makes them tick and understand their unique brand story.

“Our clients are taken on a unique journey that delivers real results and return on investment” commented Natalie Simmons, Global General Manger, cievents (pictured above).

Event management is only one piece of the puzzle and so they look at the entire meeting and event spend and help clients obtain a clear understanding of what they are doing and how their budgets are being used.

They consider the production component and provide logistical assistance right down to the smallest detail as it can make a significant difference to the ultimate delivery of the event.

At cievents, no idea is a bad idea, and they encourage all staff to feel empowered so they can contribute to making a difference in the work that they do. Innovation isn’t just about the latest technology, it’s a new way of thinking, nurtured by a culture of innovation – inspiring people to think differently.

Natalie Simmons added, “Inspiration strikes when you least expect it. You can, however, create the perfect environment for inspiration to manifest itself.”