Conference call calamity! Woman accidentally leaves laptop camera on during loo break

By now you’re probably all home self-isolating and had to endure the horror that is the work conference call that shows your colleagues at their jowly, unkempt, dishevelled, trackie-dacks best.

However, one conference call from an unnamed organisation in the US has gone viral after one of the 11 participants upped and left for a toilet break, taking her laptop with her and not realising the webcam was still on.

The video shows the group having a serious, albeit long-winded conversation about the ethical standards in the profession of social work.

Nature then calls for one particular female staffer called “Jen” (that’s her in the middle row, far left), who innocently pops out to the lavatory in full view of her colleagues.

Jen then returns to her embarrassed colleagues and asks: “What happened?”

To which the man in the top left of the chat replies: “I saw nothing!”

Check out the hilarious COVID-19 calamity below: