CWT reveals its top APAC cities for meetings and events in 2020

CWT M&E, the global meetings and events division of CWT, has unveiled its top 10 cities for meetings and events in the Asia-Pacific region.

The ranking is based on proprietary and industry data contained in CWT’s 2020 Meetings & Events Future Trends report.

The top 10 cities for meetings and events in APAC next year according to CWT, are:

  1. Shanghai, China (unchanged from 2019)
  2. Beijing, China (up one place from 2019)
  3. Singapore (down one place from 2019)
  4. Bangkok, Thailand (unchanged from 2019)
  5. Sydney, Australia (unchanged from 2019)
  6. Tokyo, Japan (unchanged from 2019)
  7. Hong Kong, China (unchanged from 2019)
  8. Mumbai, India (up one place from 2019)
  9. Melbourne, Australia (down one place from 2019)
  10. Chengdu, China (unchanged from 2019)

The top 10 list in APAC has proven sticky, with the exact same cities featured in both the 2020 and 2019 versions, and most hardly budging from last year’s rankings.

Once again, China netted the most entries with Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, and continues to drive M&E activity in the region.