Encore unveils HD international video conferencing solution

Encore Event Technologies has launched a new high-definition video conferencing platform for international delegates.

Encore Connect is a professional video conferencing platform that enables meeting and event planners to link remote presenters or meeting attendees, no matter where they are around the world, instantly in HD quality.

The digital solution comes with several service enhancements to make the process seamless for clients.

Every conference or meeting that utilises Encore Connect, regardless of size, is fully supported by a technical assistant, who covers testing of audio and visuals prior to the commencement of the conference, setting up a meeting room early and allowing presenters to become familiar with the technology.

The technician can also assist at large conferences connecting a remote speakers, ensuring they appear perfectly on the big screen and audio levels are correct.

Andrew MacColl, director of innovation at Encore, said: “Although video conferencing may not be new, we are doing it differently.

“Our high-level service is designed to ensure total satisfaction and seamless connections with every event delivered.”