Global climate summit’s tech hiccups prove world leaders aren’t immune to virtual failure

In case you missed it, The Nibbler wanted to quickly draw attention to the comedy of technical errors at last month’s global climate summit – even just for our own amusement.

US President Joe Biden convened 40 world leaders for a virtual meet to discuss tactics for tackling the global climate crisis.

The Leaders Summit on Climate was the largest-ever virtual gathering of world leaders and, as we’ve all experienced throughout these pandemic times, it featured plenty of tech glitches.

Speeches by Biden and US Vice President Kamala Harris were marred by an annoying echo; while appearances of France’s President, Emmanuel Macron, and Russian leader Vladimir Putin turned into some kind of weird mash-up.

China’s president, Xi Jinping, kicked off his speech before the English-language translator was ready, and our very own Prime Minister Scott Morrison was caught on mute.

Check out some of the hilarious bloopers below:

Featured image source: White House photo by Adam Schultz/Public Domain