“Good hotels aren’t just telling stories, they’re living them”: TFE CEO

In such a cluttered market, it’s hard to stay fresh. Hotels need to be continually reinventing themselves to stand out from the crowd.

With the proliferation of social media, hotels have been able to have a firmer grasp on how audiences perceive their establishments, however individuality is not simply defined through social media platforms.

For TFE CEO Rachel Argaman, the best way to ensure originality is through what she called “storydoing”, which she also said was the biggest trend in the industry is right now.

“Good hotel brands are not just telling their story anymore, they are living it – creating it via a series of curated experiences, which they invite their guests to enjoy and share via their own channels, such as Instagram and Facebook – even word of mouth,” Argaman said.

Brand awareness is crucial when cutting through the noise, said Argaman, and social media can definitely create “limitless opportunities”, although she added that regardless of the tool, in the end it’s all about the actual hotel experience.

“These days there are limitless opportunities to create and share story around a brand – but the creation of the experience is up to the hotel team, knowing that the guests are now the storytellers who truly matter.”

So what is the hotel company doing to make noise? As it turns out, quite a lot.

“We are currently working through some of those ideas to create curated experiences that our guests will remember. For example we have just partnered with TEDx Sydney this year for the third time,” she added.

“We used the event to conduct surveys and ideation sessions with TEDx’s smart, engaged audiences to brainstorm and workshop ways to create ‘Australia’s most social hotel’.”

Argaman said TFE’s Vibe Hotels in particular is making leaps and bounds in audience connectivity, as the brand has used this TEDx information to become more engaged with consumers.

“We have garnered the ideas and are now turning them into service offerings at hotel level, which we can implement through our Vibe Hotels brand.

“Vibe Hotels has connectivity is at its core, whether that is providing clever ways for guests to connect with each other and with our team members via mobile apps and online, or via facilities, activities and products within the hotel.”