Google dubbed hypocritical after 114 celebs arrive at climate change event on private jets and mega-yachts

Edward Pollitt

Edward Pollitt

An event Google hoped would help solve the climate change crisis has backfired spectacularly on the tech giant.

‘Google Camp’ gathered the world’s most elite at a Sicilian resort in a bid to connect influential people who can create change.

Some of the celebs in attendance included Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, Diane Von Furstenberg, Barry Diller, Bradley Cooper, Priyanka Chopra (pictured above, left) and Katy Perry (pictured above, right).

Even Prince Harry made an appearance.

But despite its good intentions, Google is now under fire for the massive carbon footprint the event left in its wake.

It has since been estimated around 114 private jets were used to fly the A-listers into the European resort, which The Post calculated would send around 100,000 kilograms of CO2 into the air.

In addition to this, Diller – an American billionaire – arrived on a diesel-powered $290 million yacht.

Perry and Bloom did minimise their carbon footprint, however, yacht-pooling with Dreamworks founder David Geffen.

While the celebrities paid for their own travel arrangements, Google did foot the bill for the accommodation, with the event believed to have cost the tech giant around $20 million.

As could be expected, social media was quick to criticise both Google and the celebrities involved.

This story originally appeared on The Nibbler‘s sister publication, B&T.