Here are the top countries for LGBT people around the world

ICYMI: June was Pride Month! And to keep the celebrations going, Silver Swan recruitment decided to look at the best places around the world for LGBT workers.

In their LGBT Worldwide Workplace Index, the recruitment company reviewed several key factors including workplace discrimination laws, employee rights, minimum wage and the inclusion of the LGBT community in every country around the world to find the 30 best countries in the world for LGBT employees to work.

AND the broad criteria of the study means this can also be used as a guide for the best LGBT travel destinations!

Topping the list as the best country for LGBT workers is Luxembourg which took the number one spot thanks to its anti-discrimination laws, high minimum wage, low unemployment rate and its recognition as one of the most LGBT-friendly countries according to the Gay Travel Index.

Other countries ranking highly on the index include Australia (YAY!), New Zealand, Monaco and France. The UK also managed to place in the top 10, ranking at number 10.

Here’s a summary of the findings.


You can see the full list here.

Surprisingly, Australia has the highest minimum wage rate for members of the LGBT community at $9.54 per hour. Which is pretty shocking, considering our national minimum wage rate is $18.93 per hour.

Some other interesting facts from the study include Iceland coming in with the highest employment rate for LGBT people, with over 80 per cent and Monaco has the highest income average, at $15,507 per month.