HRS merges with the Lido Group in Australia and NZ

HRS, a global hotel solutions technology provider in business travel, has announced the completion of a merger with the Lido Group, a provider of automated hotel and hospitality technology in Australia and New Zealand.

According to HRS, the merged entity, which will take the HRS name, offers global and regional corporations an “unmatched combination of proven services, cost-saving automation, and on-the-ground expertise”.

The merger is thought to add enhanced results for Lido and HRS clients – from hotel negotiations to booking to payment – and give companies and government agencies access to competitive rates at some 500,000 properties globally.

HRS’ managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Ana Pedersen, said.“This merger is good news for a marketplace that is increasingly aggressive in implementing automation and technology that minimises hotel costs while maximising business traveller satisfaction.

“What makes this stand out is the unsurpassed combination of leading technology – like HRS’ proprietary Recommendation Engine and Hotel Rate Filtering Solution – with the expertise of our 60-plus staff located in Australia.”

The announcement marks the culmination of a partnership between the two companies, which started with a minority investment in 2016.

Lido employees will join HRS this month and move into a new HRS office in Sydney, while Lido Group CEO Steve Mackenzie will retire upon completion of merger-related activities.

“Our payment solutions have long been recognised for the efficiency and savings they’ve provided to clients in our region,” Mackenzie said.

“HRS is investing considerably in its worldwide payment platforms, giving this merger immense benefits for corporate programs.”