Iconic Sydney pub rebrands as a Church in response to frustrating exemptions

Beloved Chippendale pub the Lord Gladstone is cheekily rebranding itself as ‘The Gladsong Hotel’ in preparation for a day of boozy, middle fingers-up worship taking place this Sunday 23 January from noon.

According to the event’s Facebook page, the congregation can look forward to “$15 Jugs of Holy Water (Gladdy Lager), $10 Bloody Lords and DJ Shotgun Pasito & Catkings in the courtyard all day.”

The Gladdy has been a consistent source of fitting commentary and comic relief during the pandemic, having previously rebranded to ‘Lord Jabstone Hotel’ aka the Jabby in an effort to incentivise vaccinations.

The Gladdy’s ‘Sunday service’ is an inspired and hilarious answer to shared public frustrations at hypocritical exemptions that appear to be made in the name of religious expression, while hospitality and entertainment venues struggle to stay afloat with the ongoing COVID situation.

Of course, the titular inspiration for the event is the recent controversy over The Hillsong Church who managed to hold a three-day summer camp.

Footage from the camp emerged showing the congregation dancing, singing, and not social distancing.

According to a post on The Lord Gladstone’s Facebook page, the event is “definitely not a protest, more so ‘casual sit down drinks’ to discuss our frustrations, highlight this hypocrisy and for our beloved live music venues to be treated fairly.”

Mitchell Crum, the owner of The Lord Gladstone, appeared on Channel 10’s The Project to discuss the now-viral decision to hold the event.

Crum said: “Next Sunday we are doing a party not a protest. Voicing the hypocrisy and double standards of religious institutions against hospitality venues.”

Crum also confirmed with B&T Magazine that Sunday plans are, “a piss-take and we are still following restrictions on the day.”

Feature Image: Facebook/@thelordgladstone