The Big Cheese

Life in the time of COVID-19 with Lotus Dining Group’s Hamish Ingham

The Nibbler caught up with Hamish Ingham, group general manager of Lotus Dining Group, who kindly answered our questions while also cooking some swordfish for us on his beloved Weber barbeque.

What are you reading?

Finding Fire by Lennox Hastie.

What are you watching?

The Mandalorian.

What are you listening to?

Kurt Vile.

What are you cooking?

At the moment, I’m using the Weber for everything. I’ve got a massive bucket of charcoal, so I’m using it to cook butterflied chicken, swordfish and skewers for the kids.

How are you staying fit both physically and mentally?

Going to the gym and taking our French bulldog, Lulu, for walks.

What’s the one thing keeping you sane?

Listening to music – it gives me time to myself to go inwards.

What’s something positive you’ve witnessed or experienced since the coronavirus hit?

The way people treat each other in the local neighbourhood – everyone seems a lot more friendly. We talk to our neighbours much more and everyone is willing to help each other out.

What have you learned about yourself amid the pandemic?

Resilience and the importance of family.

What’s your advice for others in the MICE industry on recovering from the impacts of COVID-19 and planning for the ‘new normal’?

Stay adaptable and, as much as everyone says it, pivoting. It’s been a really good opportunity to learn new skills – for example, I started studying photography.

I think it’s important to embrace change and even consider upskilling, because you really don’t know what’s around the corner.