MCB nets $500m in secured events for Victoria

Business events are delivering more money and more visitors to Victoria than ever before, with the Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) netting $500 million in secured business events for the state this financial year.

This milestone achievement cements business events position as the highest-yielding sector in Victoria’s visitor economy, which is expected to create 6,000 jobs from the events secured.

This success can be attributed to several significant wins, including the 2023 Rotary International Conference – the most valuable conference ever won for the state – which is expected to attract 20,000 Rotary members from over 200 countries and regions worldwide and inject over $110 million into the Victorian economy.

Other notable conferences include The International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses (November 2019), the International Congress of Genetics (July 2023), the 20th International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (2026), and the World Congress of Philosophy (July 2023).

Victoria’s Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events, Martin Pakula, said: “I applaud the Melbourne Convention Bureau on this significant contribution to our visitor economy.

“Business events keep our hotels full, our venues buzzing and our economy strong. No one does business events quite like Victoria, and MCB’s outstanding efforts are to be commended.”

MCB chief executive Julia Swanson: “MCB has set a new benchmark, with half a billion dollars in events secured this financial year for the Victorian economy.

“This is an enviable events calendar that will be anchored in the state long term and provides certainty for Victoria’s visitor economy for years to come.

“The economic opportunity in the international business events market is a significant one and, moreover, one that Victoria is well-placed to capitalise on given its facilities and expertise, knowledge creation and exchange, innovation and investment, among others positive impacts beyond tourism benefits.”

Swanson said the achievement is a testament to MCB’s efforts and ‘Team Melbourne’ approach.

“Thank you to the Victorian Government, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, the City of Melbourne and our partners, for supporting us in driving Victoria’s global standing as a premiere destination for business events, and continuing Melbourne’s reign as Australia’s business events capital,” she said.