MCEC helps ‘break the bias’ with new internships for women

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) has announced its new internship program by creating partnerships with technical education providers to elevate female graduates in a traditionally male-dominant workforce.

The announcement comes alongside International Women’s Day (IWD), where the theme was ‘Break the Bias,’ and MCEC plans to play a part in this by empowering women to follow whichever path they choose.

The purpose is to encourage more female participation in operational and technical areas, to broaden the general candidate pools and to improve opportunities for greater diversity and inclusion in the workforce.

Recently hired intern, Ebony Watts is a graduate of the RMIT diploma of live production and technical services course and was offered the role in a six month, full time level 1 placement capacity.

Watts said the opportunity MCEC has given her is exciting and diverse.

“This is a big step for me. This is my first real job and I never thought I would be working in a venue like this” she said.

“I have tagged along with lighting techs, multimedia techs and even venue techs in addition to the general AV crew I have been rostered with, everyone I’ve met is really nice and has warmly welcomed me.”

“My interest is primarily in lighting tech and I’m fairly confident with basic vision tech. I’m nervous to learn more about audio as it’s currently my weak point but I know it’s a necessary part of AV and I’m confident I will get the appropriate support to delve into that area at MCEC” she concluded.