Nail-biting images emerge of youths taking selfies on Sydney hotel ledge

Images have emerged of a group of young people taking selfies on a ledge on the 12th floor of Sydney’s Hyatt Regency.

The images were captured by a man who works in a nearby office building that overlooks the luxury hotel, according to ABC News.

“I just looked out of the window and I saw what looked to be a bunch of kids walking along this very narrow ledge on the side of the building,” the man told ABC News.

“They proceeded to sit down and started taking selfies while hanging their legs off the edge.”

Later that day, the man saw a separate group walk onto the ledge.

Image source: ABC News

“They just walked across the ledge and walked back while taking a couple of selfies and then sat on the corner of the building with their legs over the side,” he said.

“I looked closer and there was a whole bunch of school kids on the fire escape stairs.”

Hyatt Regency’s head of marketing and communications, Marianne O’Donoghue, told ABC News that security guards immediately investigated and ejected the young people from the building.

The young people fled the scene before police could be called.

O’Donoghue said the people on the ledge were not guests and must have entered the hotel through a public thoroughfare.

Image source: ABC News

“There are a few public ways that people can get into the hotel, but this was a first,” she said.

“We’ll continue to monitor activity in and around the hotel as it happens but this is a rarity and not something we’ve dealt with on a regular basis.”

Travel Weekly has reached out to Hyatt Regency Sydney for further comment.

In May last year, police were called to the same hotel after a woman died falling from a balcony on the 10th floor.

Earlier this year, footage emerged of a woman dangling from the 11th-floor balcony of a Sunshine Coast resort for a nail-biting photo opp.

The footage was captured by a person named James, who was staying in a nearby hotel, and was obtained by 9 News.

The video shows the woman clinging to the railing of a balcony on the 11th floor of Mooloolaba’s Seaview Resort, with her body dangling off the edge while another person takes a photo.

Featured image source: ABC News