“Not everyone’s gonna like it, I’ll tell ya now”: Hillsong purchases iconic Melbourne venue for $23m

Hillsong has purchased Melbourne’s iconic Festival Hall for a cool $23 million.

The megachurch announced on its YouTube channel that it would continue to operate the music and events venue as a ‘community venue’.

ABC News reported Hillsong pastors Tim and Nicola Douglass said the hall would continue to “served the people of this city in different events”.

“We just get to be the church that purchases it and continues to serve, but also gets to see it be the house of God on Sundays.”

Festival Hall has played host to numerous iconic musical acts, from The Beatles to Rage Against the Machine.

Brian Houston, the founder of Hillsong, said he had big renovation plans for the venue, which could include a newly built ministry at one end of the building, according to Triple J.

“There’s going to be a complete renovation of the building, including potentially building at one end, two or three floors where we can have kids ministry and all of the others that connect to week to week having church,” he said.

“Not everyone’s gonna like it, I’ll tell ya now. Hillsong Church having such a significant building of Melbourne – not everyone’s gonna like it. But I believe the Lord sure loves it, I love it and you sure love it. Thank God.”

The news has received a lot of backlash from musicians and concertgoers alike, with many pointing out that if the megachurch can afford such a venue then they should not be exempt from paying tax.

Image: Instagram/festivalhall