Online event agency Evendo partners with Livn, gaining access to more than 700,000 experiences

Online event booking agency Evendo has upgraded its booking system, thanks to a new partnership.

The “world’s first online event agency” has revealed it has entered into a new partnership with Australia-based Livn, a company that boasts a worldwide portfolio of tour operators, to expand its network.

Thanks to the partnership, which aims to provide greater transparency and automation to the event market, Evendo has gained access to some 700,000 travel experiences around the world.

Speaking to the announcement, Livn CEO Mark Rizutto said the partnership is a huge opportunity for the company.

“For Livn, the Evendo marketplace opens up its presence in corporate events; a relatively untapped market and a huge opportunity,” he said.

Evendo is in the process of scaling its product portfolio, following success in Denmark and the United Kingdom. As part of its expansion strategy, the company has begun to process of rolling out its service to a range of selected global markets, including most of Europe, the US and selected Asian markets.

It’s anticipated that Livn’s existing network will allow Evendo to speed-up its expansion plans, eliminating the need for technology integrations and individual contracts with local tour suppliers.

Evendo CEO Kasper Larsen said the partnership was mutually beneficial for both companies.

“The Livn API provides Evendo with a gateway to over 15,000 tour operators across the globe, all with live availability,” he said.

“We aim to work with a broad range of suppliers in the events industry; from tour operators to meeting rooms, food trucks to vineyards; and everything in between.”