Qantas responds to Air NZ #RunningManChallenge

Kate Webster

Air New Zealand threw down the challenge to Qantas, showing off their slick moves in the latest installment of the running man challenge.

The latest internet craze saw Air New Zealand staff in a clip, which was shared on Facebook by International Flight Attendant at Air New Zealand Janelle Oxley, begining with a very pleasant scene on a plane.

Air NZ 1

Source: Janelle Oxley, Facebook.

But then cabin crew break out into their version of the 80s classic, the ‘running man’.

Air NZ 2

Source: Janelle Oxley, Facebook.

Can you beat it Qantas? Well their response was this.

Qantas has now thrown down the challenge to American Airlines.

Who do you think takes the crown as the best in the #RunningManChallenge?

If you have what it takes, send your video of the #RunningManChallenge to