Revealed: A sneak peek inside Australia’s longest flight

You might remember last week when we broke the news of United Airlines’ awesome new flight path.

Well, now, we have a sneak peek into the flight itself thanks to the folks over at News.com.

But firstly, what exactly makes this flight so special?

Well, at a flying time of 17 hours and 30 minutes, the Sydney to Houston flight is the fourth longest in the world.

Just to break that down, if you were to begin watching Game of Thrones from season one at take-off, you’d be watching the love blossom between Jon Snow and Ygritte by the time you land.

Or, you could watch Titanic five-and-a-half times.

So now that’s covered, let’s get stuck into it.

According to News.com, the flight houses 252 seats: 48 flat beds in business class, 63 Economy Plus seats and 141 in standard economy.

The new flight path is predicted to bring roughly 27,000 new visitors into Sydney each year and will hold its title of fourth longest flight until Qantas debuts its London to Perth journey in March.

But that’s enough from us, here’s a look inside United’s Sydney to Houston flight:

Images from News.com.

The economy section of the plane. Picture: Vanessa Brown
First flight welcome pack. Picture: Supplied
Chicken or beef? Inside the galley on the flight. Picture: SuppliedIn-flight meals ready to serve. Picture: Supplied
That would be a yes to one of these. Picture: Supplied.It was even better than the wine tasting. Picture: Supplied
Inside the crew area. Picture: Supplied
Wine tasting at 35,000 feet. Picture: Supplied